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Nemesis Martial Arts & Fitness was established in the early 2000’s by Peter Felix, a 5th Degree Black Belt & Former Undefeated European & British Champion.
The aim of the club has always been to provide high quality and effective Martial Arts training to the people of Berkshire, and as a club we teach our students a very effective form of self-defence, through the use of various traditional and modern Martial Arts skills.
Since its inception, Nemesis Martial Arts & Fitness has been both training and mentoring Martial Artists, and we continue to grow our family orientated club by offering the best support, advice and training to all of our students.
We believe strongly that training in the Martial Arts can benefit young people immensely. We do this by providing them with a structured environment based on mutual respect for both them and their fellow students.

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  • My 9 and 12 year old train with Nemesis and their fitness levels and confidence have increased at an amazing pace. They both love attending the classes that require a strong work ethic and work hard to become strong members of the team. My children are developing a strong winning mentality with my son in particular aspiring to compete and become a winner. This is all due to the efforts of the Nemesis staff who work tirelessly to develop the skills of the parents and the children.
  • My family and I have been training with Nemesis Martial Arts and Fitness for over 15 years now and I can’t speak highly enough of the club. The knowledge and professionalism of the instructors is second to none, they dedicate their own time to teach children and adults of all ages to help them in their martial arts journey.
  • Peter and his team go above and beyond not only to teach high quality martial arts but also actively encourage the children who attend their classes to be kind, respectful and to lookout for those around them in and outside of the class. The focus of Nemesis is very much that you are part of a family and the atmosphere is so positive and nurturing.
  • I've trained with Peter Felix on and off for over twenty years, I introduced my children when they came along and they are stronger more confident adults now for the time they spent in Nemesis classes. I'd highly recommend Nemesis to anyone looking for top end fitness and to take part in old school competitive martial arts. You won't find anyone more dedicated to a club or the Sport in the Reading area!