Children Classes

At Nemesis Martial Arts, our junior classes start from 8 years to 15 years. All of our classes start with a warm up program, where the children are given cardio vascular exercises along with stretching, press ups and sit ups. Following the warm up the rest of the lesson is spent on teaching kickboxing techniques, shadow sparring, pad work, sparring drills & Karate drills which include traditional Katas so that children understand all aspects of our chosen arts.… At the end of each lesson the children are asked to 'Pad Up” and take part in small sparring sessions, these are completely optional. There are ten belts in our curriculum and all of the students have to work hard to achieve the standards required to progress through to their Black Belt. Before any student is allowed to take a grading, they must first demonstrate that they can perform all of the required techniques for that belt, to a high standard. We do not believe in giving belts away, they must be earned through dedication and hard work. We find that this gives all of our students an immense feeling of pride as they attain the different colour belts. Students who wish to push themselves have the option to attend additional squad training sessions or if they wish they can compete at small novice competitions if they show willing, which can then prepare them for the larger competitions as their confidence and ability grows. At Nemesis we have created several British & World Champions from scratch which acts as testimony to the quality of the martial arts we teach. The club has been successful in attracting hard working, committed parents who have instilled in their children that being successful through hard work is the only way to live, as such, find Nemesis a logical choice for their children's extra curricula activity of martial arts.


12 year old Sami Jassim, receives his England call up for The World Championships

Adult Classes

Our Adult classes start from the age 16 years onwards and are open to both men and women, and have attracted a wide variety of people from different social backgrounds and cultures.

The class starts with a warm up session, which is similar to the Children’s Classes although run for longer and are more intense, then followed by martial arts training session.

The friendly environment of Nemesis Martial Arts means that we have several family groups training together. Our open approach to training has increased the confidence of many adults & children alike, many becoming more assertive as a result of the training that Nemesis provides.

Nemesis welcome all levels of adults into our classes, regardless of background, all we ask is that you have some self belief in yourself and do not give up as soon as things get hard. We will help you not only build your confidence, and your fitness, but give you a real sense of pride in yourself through achieving something.

One of the greatest advantages is that we have created many lasting friendships through our training which will last a lifetime…

Nemesis House of Pain Thursday Class - Advance Students Only

Circuit Training

Should you be seeking a fitness class that really burns fat, tone your body and increases self esteem, then try our Thursday fitness class from 7.30PM to 8.30M, you are welcomed to join our fittest students and do the warm up., will be training alongside our regular martial arts team members, but will give you a taster of what we do to keep winning at competitions. We practice both anaerobic and aerobic techniques together with core stability exercises. In other words Nemesis take a holistic approach to fitness training & the martial arts we teach. After 8.30PM you are welcomed to stay our leave. You will be required to be insured to do the class.

If you would like more information or would like to talk to us about joining please contact us


Our classes consist around 55% female who train alongside men in a safe and non threatening environment. Nemesis feels that the best way for women to learn martial arts is by training along side their male colleagues as it allows them to get use to using their newly acquired martial arts skills in a realistic manner, as the club believes that women only classes do not work. The political socialisation for both men & women training together, creates mutual respects between the genders which in our opinion is a good thing.

Video of our Classes

General Information

Our classes are non-threatening and we do not have a massive ego, we are good at what we do and we are very proud of that fact, we act with humility and full respect for others regardless of race/gender or any other differences. All we ask of people visiting our classes is to enter with a clear mind, and have the desire to achieve goals through their hard work and sweat. The club and its members live by the motto of beginning is easy, continuing is hard, it is this that has sustained Nemesis to become an internationally respected martial arts club. All instructors at Nemesis still actively compete in both National & International competitions, the significance of this is that you are being taught by people who know that their martial arts works against today's opponents and not someone who talks about what it was like 20 years ago, as society has changed. We teach techniques which are realistic and could get you out of harms way, be this in your own home or on the streets.


Team Nemesis Elite is the competition wing of Nemesis Martial Arts many of its members compete in World championships. The current WKA  & WKU World Champion is Chris Djaelani from Nemesis Elite; we have several World Champions currently training with us, and have created several British & European champions. Competition is purely optional and no one is forced to do it, all our competitors have never competed before joining our club. Enjoy these videos: